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Where are you? What are you currently doing? Please share with us in a blog post!

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  • 20 Jan 2022 17:04 | Elijah Tukwariba Yin

    I completed the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISL) in 2013. I am currently a lecturer and the Coordinator of the Centre for Legal Research at the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I teach jurisprudence, philosophical foundations of law, critical thinking in law, etc. My research interests span across sociology of law, criminology and criminal law, religion-penology, and human rights. This is the link to my current articles https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23311886.2021.2004673 and https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2590291121001364

    I thank the IISL for the opportunity it offered me. I hope to visit the institute sometime soon.

    The very best.

    Elijah Tukwariba Yin – elijah.yin@ucc.edu.gh

  • 20 Jan 2022 12:08 | Alexander Kondakov

    It's been more than 10 years since my graduation from Oñati. During these years, I took positions in St. Petersburg (Russia), Washington DC and Madison in Wisconsin (the USA), and in Helsinki (Finland). This is excluding all the precarious short-term fellowships in other places. Now, I finally have -- I think -- a stable and really enjoyable job at University College Dublin in Ireland. There, I get to teach what I learned in the IISL to hundreds of students! Over the last couple of years, my classes in the Sociology of Law and the Sociology of Human Rights attracted more than 300 students. It has been a rewarding experience so far and I hope to spread the word about sociology of law further from my humble position of a lecturer in Dublin.

  • 19 Jan 2022 19:14 | María de los Ángeles Ramallo

    Hello friends of Oñati Community! I am Ángeles (Angie) Ramallo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied in Oñati in 2018-2019 and I have so many wonderful memories of the Institute and the town. I am still in touch with my group of friends and I really hope to see them soon (perhaps in Oñati!)

    When I finished the Master’s degree I came back to Argentina and started a doctoral program in Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). I received a doctoral grant from the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET, by its Spanish acronym). I will be working on my dissertation for the next years (I hope to finish it in 2024!) My research topic is sex markets and women’s rights, which is an issue that is gaining public interest in Argentina. After the recent legalization of abortion in December 2020, which exponentially increased feminist mobilization, sex work regulation could be one of the next important campaigns.  

    I am still interested in legal education. The subject of my master’s thesis was practical legal training in universities. I am currently participating in a research project on gender and legal education, and have been coordinating UBA’s Human Rights Center Mentoring Program for the last 4 years.

    In the near future I would love to do research visits abroad during my years as a Ph.D. student. And I also wish to go back to Oñati, to IISL fabulous library and to have some fun on pintxo-pote’s Thursdays.


    Ángeles Ramallo - mramallo@derecho.uba.ar

  • 14 Jan 2022 08:42 | Florencia Radeljak

    Hi Oñati Community 

    I am currently doing my PhD on Digital Money and sustainability at Lund University. I continue researching on the same field I did for my masters thesis in Oñati, integrating in a interdisciplinary dialogue the economy, law and now nature. 
    I live in Copenhage, with Jens Christian who have also studied at IISL. He is also working with sustainability, but in the ministry of energy and climate. 

    All the best for our community!! And we look forward to come to Oñati with our new born baby. 

    Florencia Radeljak  and Jens Christian Dalsgaard 

  • 11 Jan 2022 17:08 | Monjurul Ahsan

    Hi ! I am Monjurul Ahsan from Bangladesh. I returned from IISL in 2011. Since after that I have been working with numbers of national and International  organizations of Bangladesh in the field of natural resource management, climate change and Indigenous People of Bangladesh. At present,  I am working as a freelance researcher and trying to reconnect with socio-legal discipline with the experience I received from my professional carrier (about 20 years).  While exploring  the socio-legal aspect of the social-ecological systems and the context of Bangladesh society,  I am still learning with new knowledge's  which I consider very important to share and  also for necessary actions targeting peoples welfare. 

    If I think about Oñati, I become nostalgic.  I know some of the secrete streets, old church and parks,  a river bridge, way to Aranzazu to  Mt. Alonia, How can I forget beautiful moment I passed  watching sunset with golden rays behind the hills from balcony of Palacia Antia!  I remember Portu Cafe, my colleagues around the world including IISL staffs, Professors. and all the beautiful town people I met  in Onati.  My best wishes and love to you all.  Wherever you are....stay well and happy!

    I wish see you again Oñati.  


    Monjurul Ahsan

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • 11 Jan 2022 14:59 | Dota Szymborska

    If I write that a part of my heart has remained in Onati forever, it will be the honest truth. I have friends in Onati that I have known for almost 18 years.

    I currently live in Warsaw, I should defend my PhD thesis soon.

    I conduct training in ethics of new technologies.

    Since my stay at Onati (studies and grant), I lived in London, taught at the University, worked in PR companies, ran workshops for parents - I did many different things. I finished the triathlon instructor course, I ran 12 marathons, I finished 1/2 IM ....

    Although the website is in Polish, at present the AI is at such a level that translating it into English or Spanish is not a problem - https://www.etykanowychtechnologii.com

    The last time I was in Onati was in 2021 - for a moment to eat dinner in societad, invited by friends...

     As soon as I defend my doctorate, I will write about it here!

    Best regards,




    TED talks:


  • 21 Dec 2021 14:52 | James Campbell

    It gives me immense pleasure to be the first to contribute to this new ‘Where Are We’ section. The Oñati Community is a truly international one – with its members located across the globe – but bound together across regions and generations by their time or times spent at Oñati. Since leaving IISL in 2018, I have repeatedly found that the town, its residents, and the Institute, occupy an exceptionally fond place in the memories of those who have visited and experienced it. And many of us find ourselves returning periodically to study, teach, present research, or just to over-indulge in pintxo-pote with old friends.

    Following my time in Oñati, I returned home to Scotland before moving to London for work. I began to think about possible doctoral study amidst the mundane rhythms of tube travel – recurrent passages rattling up and down subterranean Victorian tunnels against the staggering contrapuntal motion of the city – a sensory assault, particularly in light of my tranquil time in Oñati. I had spent much of the previous two years thinking about tradition and temporalities, in law and more generally, but I found myself on station platforms returning to previous work on space and place with a new direction, impulse, and energy: a conceptualisation of movement.

    My doctoral project began to emerge from these reflections, and in hindsight I am glad that I took both time and space to seriously reflect upon my proposed course of study since it would, of course, form the bulk of my academic efforts for the coming four to five years. I applied to the University of Oxford in 2020, and was accepted as a DPhil candidate at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and Wolfson College, under the supervision of Professor Linda Mulcahy, the leading Socio-Legal scholar of legal architecture. Now in my second year as a DPhil, I have refined my focus to exploring the significance of our physical movement within the court building (utilising one core case study) – drawing upon legal architecture, the jurisprudence of the senses, and the application of qualitative mobile methods.

    Despite the inevitable impact of the pandemic upon normal operations, Oxford has continued to be a vibrant, albeit sometimes dispersed and digital, Socio-Legal community. In addition to its regular lectures, seminar series, and discussion group meetings, the Centre has launched a new website and blog this year, Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies. As an editor of this innovative resource, it has been a privilege to work with established academics, emerging scholars, and even true luminaries of the field. This year I have also joined another active law and society community at The Open University, as an Associate Lecturer on its course, ‘Law, Society and Culture’.

    In addition to Socio-Legal studies, I retain a number of research interests within sociology of law, legal and social theory, and law and the humanities. Beyond my current research upon movement, I focus on space and place, time and temporalities, the legal professions, and (clinical) legal education. I am also interested in public legal education, law reform, and access to justice and am a contributor to the Oxford Pro Bono Working Group and the Scottish Legal Action Group (SCOLAG) Legal Journal.

    Most recently, I have presented my academic work at the 6th TAU Workshop for Junior Scholars in Law, Legal Change in Revolutionary Times; the International Research Network on Conservatism and Critical Theory, Conservatism and Critical Theory in the 21st Century: Commonalities and Divergence; the Art/Law Network, Borderlands in Theory and the Everyday; and at the 2021 annual conference of the UK Socio-Legal Studies Association.

    James Campbell

    Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford


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