Ambrose T. Wreh - Liberia, West Africa

28 Jun 2022 19:51 | Ambrose Wreh

Hi Friends. My name is Ambrose T. Wreh from Liberia in West Africa. I was a Masters student at Onati during the 2013/2014 academic year. My experience at Onati was an amazing one; the staff, professors and my course mates made my stay exciting and memorable. I made some remarkable friends who I still keep in touch with and dearly wish to get reunited with someday. But most of all, the professors (the best I’ve ever had) and the nature of the courses taught, have left indelible imprints on my mind.

After my study I returned to my country, during the heat of the ebola pandemic. Liberia’s governance system being overly centralized and affected by patronage politics could not provide for effective and sustainable service delivery at the local level, hence this resulted in the virus spreading from remote forest communities to the capital city and causing more than four thousand deaths.

I currently work as the Human Resource Planning and Policy Coordinator at Liberia’s Ministry of Health, where I support the review and analysis of Healthcare policies and plans that aim to provide a safe working environment which fosters efficient healthcare delivery, productivity and job satisfaction.

My combined experiences from my time in Onati and my current position at the Ministry of Health have given me a new desire to pursue another Masters in “Labor Law and Employment Relations”.  Liberia’s health workforce is currently contending with a number of demanding labor and employment related issues, including rising wage demand actions, negligent hiring and discrimination claims. It is my aspiration to gain better understanding of key concepts regarding Labor Law and Employment Relations in order to develop ideas that will help alleviate the challenges in Liberia’s health sector. I hope I can get the opportunity to pursue this study in Europe and indeed also visit Onati again.

Onati and the IISL will forever live in my heart.


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