28 Jan 2022 21:38 | Susana Arrese (Administrator)

Oñati will be forever in my heart. What an experience! Living abroad in 1994/1995... no internet, no whatsapp, no videocalls... Communication with my family was by letter from my mother – once a week, fax from my father – every 15 days and one (yes, only one) phone call – once a month! And how exciting it was to wait for the news...

About the course. It was amazing the interaction with people from so many different countries, with professors from so many different countries. The wonderful staff of IISL made it easy for us to enjoy the course by helping with all our needs - Susana in special.

The “saga” to arrive in Oñati was quite an experience too. Plane from São Paulo to Madrid, train from Madrid to Zumarraga (Bilbao airport was not ready at that time) and a taxi from Zumarraga to Antia Jauregian, where Luis Gonzales Placencia - my dear friend- opened the main door (I will never forget that) and gave me the welcome to wonderful days of study, friendship, knowledge and fun!

So many wonderful memories (I could write a book to tell). So many wonderful friends – some of them I had the pleasure to meet again in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, Canada.

After finishing the master I went back to Brazil to take the opposition exams and in march of 1997 I became a judge. I worked in small cities at the beginning of the carrer and nowadays I’m working at the 28th criminal court in São Paulo, capital. I’ve worked at the magistrate’s school as the coordinator of an International Law course and also teaching for the news judges. In 2002/2004 I won a scholarship and took a comparative Law’s master in the United States (summer course at Samford University, Alabama).

I love traveling as a hobby and also to go to legal events. I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Parmentier in a UN legal event in São Paulo some years ago.

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