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Oñati Community WALK-THROUGH

Please take a moment and follow this walk-through of our website.
We want to make sure that from the first day you can get 100% from what we can offer you. 


  1. On our homepage you can always see the most recent blog posts, forum entries  and upcoming events.
    There is also a widget which you can use to give us feedback. It helps us make the website even better. 
  2. You can easily access your profile  by clicking your name on the top of each page (when you are logged-in). 
    Let others know what you are working on! You can set which information is visible to others as well as add photo albums. Your email is never shown, yet other members can send you messages through a form. 
  3. In the events section we post information on upcoming meetings, webinars and application deadlines. 
  4. Community menu gives you access to a map representing countries where our members come from and a directory  of members. You can search our database to find people who can help you in your research, or look for potential team members. 
  5. Oñati section is fully devoted to the town where the IISL is located and the Basque Country. The subpages include the Basque Culture Corner, 'In our eyes' - our accounts of stay in Oñati, or Oñati Unknown - a guide for those who would like to get out of the beaten track (aka the way from the residence to the IISL library). There are also links to other websites which can help you to rediscover Oñati. Explore this section!

  6. Our forums  give you a chance to ask questions, let them be socio-legal or not, or post interesting profesional offers. If your faculty is looking for research assistants or has PhD opportunities and you want to spread the word, that's where you can do it. 

  7. Our main socio-legal blog is open to your contributions. Let others know what you are working on, share interesting stories and get engaged by commenting others' articles. "Socio-legal articles worth spreading"

  8. Feel free to contact us or send us a postcard!

Sections marked with  are only visible/accessible to logged-in members. 

Your profile

  1. In your profile section you can review your data and edit them. You can also upgrade your membership level and donate €10 per year to the Oñati Community project (recurring or one-time payment). 
  2. Under privacy tab you can decide which information is going to be shown to others.
  3. You can also decide to stop receiving our email blasts. This can be done under email subscriptions
  4. You can create a photo album that will be visible to other members only. If you have any pictures from your stay in Oñati or from international conferences, we'd love to see them!
  5. Under invoices and payments you can review your history of your contributions/donations. 

Adding content

We are looking forward to seeing your blog posts, forum entries and photo albums on our website. 
Here you can find some tips on how to make best use of these features:

  1. You are welcome to add your socio-legal articles to our main blog. Please limit your entries to ca. 500 words (we are not strict on that) as it is the optimal text length for readers. Since this is a blog and not a peer-reviewed journal, we accept opinion columns, articles on recent events from the socio-legal perspective or 'journalistic-style extended abstracts' of your published/working papers. Feel free to add links to external websites, including journals where the full version is published. 
  2. We can add pictures and/or embed videos to your blog posts by editing the html code. Just send the files/links to us.

Security & Privacy

Our main URL is http://onati.community but often, and always when making payments, you will be redirected to  https://onati.wildapricot.org - this is our secondary address, which our security certificate is issued for. It is safe to provide your credit card data when you see a green lock to the left of our address in the address bar. 
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