MEETING IN LISBON (September 2018)

17 Oct 2018 15:23 | Susana Arrese (Administrator)

On Monday, September 10th,  45 Oñati students, professors and scholars gathered for a dinner which aim celebrates what we have in common beyond our idiosyncrasies and particular biographies – our special and enduring Oñati Bond. All 45 of us, gathered around great food and wine, celebrated with enthusiasm, laughter, great discussions and found memories, the experience of being part of the Oñati Community. It is through these informal gatherings that bounds are heartened between old and new friends and our own Oñati experience is expanded with new and vivid memories and interactions. Academically, all Onati Session at the RCSl Lisbon Conference were significantly plural with pertinent topics tackling diverse research interests. And because session were organized under broader frames, it allowed that in the same session papers apparently with no connection could dialogue enhancing and enriching the debate. The high quality of the researches presented in the Onati Session is also worth of mentioning. In my perspective it is unquestionable that the plurality of the works presented as well as their high quality are a reflexion of the Onati academic Standards. But not only that. The organization of the Onati Session was only achievable due to the fact that the young scholars, regardless if their master degree was achieved this year, 5 or 10 years ago, continue committed to the Onati community and to the Institute. We might be independent or affiliated to different institutions, but nevertheless decided to use the Onati forum to share our research projects. There is something about how the Onati students are welcomed in the institute and live the personal and academic experience of belonging to that community that fosters alliances, networks and lasting friendships.

 This sense of belonging to the Onati Community is transversal and intergenerational and it feels great to know that I am part of it. 

(RCSL)Annual Meeting  “Law and Citizenship Beyond the States"

RCSL Meeting in Lisbon: September 2018: 5 Oñati Sessions (room 25)
Informal dinner: 10  September
Oñati Session I - The Local and its Multidimensionality
Oñati Session II - Beyond State Law: the power of Normativities and Discourse
Oñati Session III - Courtrooms and the Judicial Field: a locus for enforcement or contestation?
Oñati Session IV - The subjective and collective other: recognition, precariousness and reflexivity
Oñati Session V - Struggling from within: The use of legal and political frameworks by grassroots movements.

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