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Professor in Sociology with a specialization in social policy

  • 24 Mar 2017 19:46
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    Susana Arrese (Administrator)

    For detailed information see www.su.se/english/about/vacancies/vacancies-new-list?rmpage=job&rmjob=2068&rmlang=UK.

    Ref. No. SU FV-1437-16

    Sociology with a specialization in social policy.

    Subject description

    Quantitative research on social policy focuses on how social policy institutions and other phenomena at the structural level jointly impact on risks for and consequences of social exclusion, unemployment and poverty in particular.

    Main responsibilities

    The main work tasks include research and management of research congruent with the subject description, including supervision of post-graduate students and being active in securing external research funding. Included is also continuous involvement in administration and human resource management within the subject description of the institute, participation in the steering group of the institute, and, periodically, directorship of the whole institute. Active participation in teaching at master and doctoral levels in sociology at the University, including course leadership, is also included in the work tasks.

    Qualification requirements
    A person who is qualified to be employed as a professor will have demonstrated both research and teaching skills. Research expertise should have been demonstrated through independent research that significantly exceeds the requirements for qualification as an Associate Professor, both in terms of quality and quantity. Significance is also attached to the planning and coordination of research. Teaching proficiency should have been demonstrated through teaching at undergraduate, master´s and doctoral levels. The assessment of teaching skills should cover the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, as well as supervision and examination. Teaching proficiency should be well documented and in a manner that makes it possible to assess the quality of the teaching activities. The applicant must have the ability to cooperate with colleagues and be in possession of other abilities that are required in order successfully to meet the demands of the position.

    Assessment criteria
    Special emphasis will be placed on research skills, demonstrated by an outstanding publication record, foremost but not exclusively international. Special emphasis will be placed on teaching skills, demonstrated by teaching at different levels.
    Special emphasis will also be placed on the following:
    ● Successful research supervision demonstrated through active guidance of at least one student to a completed PhD degree.
    ● Documented ability to cooperate well with colleagues and fellow researchers.
    ● Experience of quantitative research within the subject área. 

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