The Chapel - where the residence ghost lives

25 Feb 2017 13:44 | Paweł Drągowski (Administrator)

If you have stayed in the IISJ Residence, you might have been in many rooms, including the Professors' apartment or the private suites of IISJ Directors. Yet, I bet you haven't had a chance to enter the most mysterious room of the building - the chapel located in the study/conference room on the first floor, called by some students 'The Red Room' after its wallcovering. The chapel door is always locked and attracts attention of eyes tired of gazing at monitors by hardworking writers. Consequently, and to no surprise, such inaccessibility leads overloaded brains of socio-legal scholars to put forwards spiritist arguments. And it seems that acoustics of the Residence do not help to definitively falsify existence of a phantom. Sticking to empirical facts, the chapel became a lumber room and awaits its rediscovery. 



  • 6 May 2020 14:52 | Gerdjan Kipping
    As a result of restoration works at the university, our classes were moved to the room next to the chapel in the winter and early spring of 1994. Because we were only the fourth year of the master, we had not had that many predecessors and the spirits of our predecessors were still calm. Maybe that's why we were allowed to visit the chapel regularly.
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