10 Jul 2017 14:40 | Anonymous

You have probably heard of the expression that, “you cannot visit any part of Iberic Peninsula without seeing one of the properties of the Duchess of Alba.”  Oñati is not the only exception.  If you visit the town, you can find the Lazarraga Jauregia, a beautiful palace beside the Foruen Enparantza.  Unfortunately, we cannot visit the inside of the palace, but we can experience the life of such an interesting family by visiting the Lazarraga Parkea.  This is one of the few parks in the town has (personally, I believe it is the most beautiful).

You can access the beautiful garden by crossing the bars beside the Lazarraga Jauregia, they are usually open from nine until the sunset, except in July and August when the park is closed.  Sadly, now you will not be able to visit it, but I will describe it to you.

Once you cross the bars you will walk through a path with the view of the palace, its windows, balconies and creepers. At the end of the Path you will find a secret garden – beautiful in its tranquillity.  I know, you are probably thinking that its a huge garden with a lot of exotic plants and the usual multi-coloured flowers from all around the world. This can’t be further from the truth.  We are talking about a small garden with a circular path that invites you to walk around.  During the year, the intimacy of the garden transmits peace, transports you to another time – it’s a timeless place.  There are some benches where you can seat and pass the hours in the company of your thoughts – a good book or even a significant other is important!

Next time you are in Oñati, especially if it is in September – when it opens again – come and visit the garden and don’t forget to come on a rainy day; trust me, you will love it.

Gero arte!


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