26 Jun 2017 13:59 | Anonymous

Last week I was invited by my very good friend Roberto to participate to the excursion and dinner celebrating the end of the Euskera lessons.  The City Council paid us a very nice bus that took us to Arrazola, whose is next to the small village of Atxondo were we met the second oldest farm in Bizkaia.

At that farm, they produce a delicious sheep cheese.  All the group visited the facilities where they produce the cheese and the maturation chamber.  Everything was amazing!  After watching and being explained about the process we finally could try the cheese, it was a young, but really good cheese that being paired with some cider made the perfect experience.

After the cider and the appetiser, we all went for a walk around the village where we all enjoyed the unequalled Basque landscape until we finally arrived at the local gastronomic society.  The dinner was served on time, delicious and huge -as always in the Euskadi.  The menu was: Homemade txorizo and -obviously- sliced cheese, baked chicken with salad and cheesecake with mussels and coffee.  The dinner was great, but not only for the quality of the food but primarily because of the company.  We sang dance and have a great time until midnight, time to come back, obviously singing Basque songs on the bus.  I can’t wait to experience another dinner here, and of course to tell you about it.

Gero arte!



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