19 Jun 2017 14:00 | Anonymous

This Sunday I had the opportunity to be amazed by the most magnificent celebration I have seen so far in Oñati, I am talking about the Corpus Christi festivities.  I had to wake up early and go to the San Migel Goiaingeruaren parrokia for the mass.  It was full, as I have ever seen it, people standing up participating in the liturgy.  As usually happens in Oñati the religious beliefs are blended with the ancient traditions.  Some old man told me this celebration has more than five hundred years being performed.

During the celebration, mostly in Euskera -usual in the church- a group of dantzaris appeared to dance at the pulpit, it was a magnificent dance, full of mysticism where one can see the blend of the antique traditions of the town and the religious fervor.  After the mass, a procession walked around the town, the dantzaris, a couple of bands, all the kids that made their first communion, the twelve apostles and Jesus Christ interpreted by local people and wearing amazing -and a little bit intimidating- masks walked with Michael Archangel.  All of them were accompanied by all the saints “coming down” from the nearby hermitages.

After the procession around the town, they arrived at a very crowded Foruen Plaza.  Seems to me that everyone was there.  The kids threw flowers and the dantzaris danced one more time while the church bells were ringing and the two bands were playing…it was a great time.

I invite you to come next year, it is an experience you should not miss.

Gero arte!


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