12 Jun 2017 14:00 | Anonymous

This weekend was great, in Oñati the Olakua neighborhood celebrated its annual festivities.  It was a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday full of fun for everyone, the youngest had a lot of fun with games and concerts, but also the adults got amazing recitals.  The firework was insane, all coming from the ducks’ lake and the big space to dance, run, have some beers and talos made the festival the perfect place to be.

On Friday, this big heads and giant figures danced through the whole neighbourhood and then Kimera, from Oñati played some very good songs, after that, KOP, which seems to be a very famous band from Cataluña played some hard rock with a very deep socio-political context, the square was completely full, seems like everyone was there, was amazing.  Next day, all the assistants were able to enjoy talos and the kids learned how to make them, must say it’s a delicious meal, with a lot of tradition involved, and enjoying the talos with the music of Joxelu Anayak made a perfect atmosphere.  Last day we were able to see the aitzkolaris and the XXXI Olakua’s Grand Prix of bicycles.

From all this what we can learn is that coming to Oñati can be really fun, as long as you know to which festivity go to.

Gero arte!


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