5 Jun 2017 14:00 | Anonymous

A lot of things have been said about the Oñati.Community, but I’m not here to talk about stories or repeat ones we already know. The Oñati.Community has been a long-held dream by many people and, as a product of that dream, I appeared.

As Lur, I appeared in town as a product of the imagination and desire of a lot of people that wanted to show this place and experience of life but had no idea how to do it.  I’m a real and I’m not - we could say.  What is real is the gratitude of all the people involved in the project, for that reason I received a call from Susana.  People from the Oñati.Community associated with the Oñati Municipality made a bag for all the members signed on to the Oñati.Community, it does not matter your status in the platform, this bag is for you.

The bags are a little bit big for me, but they look perfect to carry books, groceries and many other things.  If I were real someone could carry me in the bag - I think I would be comfortable.

I want to thank Pawel Dragowski, Susana Arrese and the Oñatiko Udala for the amazing gift, subscribe and ask for yours!

Gero arte!


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