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Working Group on the Sociology of Constitutions

  • 26 Sep 2023
  • 28 Sep 2023
  • Fermo, Italy

The RCSL Working Group on the Sociology of Constitutions / Annual Meeting  1(:)th Fermo Summer School  

The People in Societal Constitutions:  Politics, Semantics and Theories 

Fermo, ltaly, 26th-28th September 2023 / Auditorium San Filippo Neri, Corso Cavour, 72

The sociology of constitutions has introduced important methodological modifications in studies of both political and non-political constitutions and constitutionalism in the last decade. Recent research has expanded the concept of constitution beyond its classical juridical meaning and disconnected it from statehood. lt has decoupled constitutions from institutional politics and thus looks for new modes of political action and subjects beyond their typically modern conceptualisation in popular sovereignty. nationhood etc. 

This year's annual meeting focuses on the concept of the people beyond its common political and juridical conceptualisations and theoretical frameworks. The programme will include opening presentations as· The Place of the People in Modern Political and Societal Constitutions' CDenis Galligan. University of Oxford; Francesco Bilancia. University of Pescara); 'Sociological Theories of Constitutions in the Light of the Habermas - Luhmann Debate' [Gorm Harste. University of Áarhus and Alberto Febbrajo. University of Macerata); 'Constitutional lmaginary of the People and its Authenticity: A Critique of Populism' [Jirí Pribáñ. University of Cardiff); 'Constitutionalism without People in the Digital Society. How to Regulate Al?' [Hakan Hydén. University of Lundl 

The convenors want to particularly encourage early career and senior legal and political scholars and sociologists engaging in recent sociological and socio-legal research of constitutions. Participants will be invited to present their research in different sessions covering a wide range of themes and problems. such as global legal and political networks. democratic reforms at subnational. national and supranational levels. cosmopolitan constitutionalism and ethics. democratic statehood and its deficits. constitutional populism and democratic backsliding. human rights. law and development. electronic democracy. internet and protest movements. transitional justice. judicial and political constitutionalism. 

Please send your proposed title. short abstract (200 words) and biography to the Working Group Chair Prof. Jirí Pribáñ [priban@cf.ac.uk) or to the Fermo Summer School [info@fermosummerschool.it) by 15th August 2023. 

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