My first visit

10 Jun 2023 17:03 | Daniel Díaz Venegas

Hello, my name is Daniel Diaz, from Uruguay. I'm a lawyer and PhD in social science for the University of Buenos Aires Argentina. I’m working at the law School at the University in Uruguay  (UdelaR). I recently did my thesis dissertation in Argentina about the penal system. It’s called: Legal rationality and integral protection. A look at the changes in the Uruguayan juvenile penal system during the period 1990 to 2022. 

My idea of ​​visiting the IISL was to continue this thesis work. I had to spend 15 days in May and I found an incredible place that helped me think and advance in my work; as well as knowing other investigations from different places. An incredible experience that I hope to repeat soon.

A big greeting and I left you the link to my thesis dissertation at the UBA Faculty of Social Sciences in case you are interested.


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