one visit in May

4 May 2023 19:09 | Stanislaw Burdziej

Even though my stay was rather short – just 2 weeks – I feel I could write a book. A book just with questions I keep asking myself and others about the secret to Oñati. The secret recipe for its strong community ties and solidarity, but coupled with openness to outsiders and vitality. I wish to thank Sabine, Susana, Ainhoa, Leire, Maite, Mantonni and Rakel for making the Institute what it is – a researcher’s paradise. Those, with whom I could share it – particularly Raquel and Tilen. To Naomi, Jen, Christian and all the participants of their inspiring workshop – not only for the food for thought. I also need to thank Edurne for the wealth of information about Oñati and the area, and surprise daily chats in the streets. Margari for the best pinchos. And finally, the gentleman who – upon learning I was going to hike from Arantzazu to Oñati over the mountain pass in thick fog - accompanied me for a kilometer uphill just to ensure I was on the right path… Oñati – eskerrik asko!

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