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Onati once a year, it would be great!

23 Dec 2022 11:35 | Matteo Pignocchi

I was in Onati in November, I had to write my Ph.D. thesis because of i'm going to close my Ph.D. course at University of Macerata (Italy)! I found a great place to study and write about your issues! Calm, friendly people, and a never ending library.  In Italy, I actually am a Ph.D. student and a lawyer, so that my day-routine is so frenetic between academy and law firm.

When I left Onati and I came back home, that was my tought: it would be great if I will be able to join Onati and IISL once a year in my life. A moment for me, for my research, to meet people from all over the world.

What about You? Just think about it! 


  • 23 Dec 2022 12:48 | Olivia Clavijo
    Remarcable and very touch note. I’m totally agree with your words, specially on your tought, which is Oñati represent “a moment for me”.

    Best wishes,
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