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Terms of Use and Privacy 

Oñati Community is an association of Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISJ) Master's Program alumni and prospective students, former and current IISL academic staff members and all visitors to the Institute. We are also open to other socio-legal scholars who want to participate in our activities, expressing our hope to welcome them in Oñati one day.

The association is not a separate legal entity and functions under the aegis of the IISL. 

We are committed to adhere to the best privacy protection standards. All personal data of our members is handled with due care. We never share it with third parties or use it for other purposes than current operations of the association. 
Every member has a right to edit or remove their personal data from our database at any moment. 

You can edit your data in your member panel. If you want to have your account or personal information deleted, please contact us

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