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    • 18 Jul 2018
    • 10 Oct 2018
    • Valladolid

    5th International Conference The Age of Rights

    Valladolid, 5-6 November 2018

    Call for Communications

    to the panel on “Human Rights Research Methodologies”


    It is now open the submission of communications for the 5th International Conference of the Spanish Human Rights network El Tiempo de los Derechos (the Age of Rights), which will be held in Valladolid the 5th and 6th November 2018.

    The panel on “Human Rights Research Methodologies” coordinated by the Human Rights Institute of the University of Deusto (Bilbao) is now calling for communications in either English or Spanish.

    The panel will have three invited papers and a discussion paper of received communications (see the programme here). Chosen communications will be invited for a special issue of the Age of Human Rights Journal (December 2019) on the topic of Human Rights Research Methodologies. Please notice that the Conference is in Spanish only; the TAHRJ on the other hand is a publication in English. Communications in Spanish, if accepted, will have to be resubmitted in English for publication.

    Registration to the conference is free at 5congreso@redtiempodelosderechos.com. Registration deadline is 31st October 2018.

    If you have any queries, please contact dolores.morondo@deusto.es

    Rules for the submission of communications:

    1. Only original communications, which have not been already published, will be accepted.
    2. Communications have to be submitted in Word format, Times New Roman 12, lenght between 8.000 and 12.000 words, including footnotes.
    3. Please include an abstract (c. 150 words) and provide 3-7 keywords .
    4. Communications will be submited by e.mail to the following address: 5congreso@redtiempodelosderechos.com.
    5. In the e.mail subject please state Metodologías de investigación en derechos humanos.
    6. Submission deadline is 10th October 2018.
    7. Communications will be reviewed and notification of acceptance will follow by 17th October.


    Concept note for the panel:

    Today, it seems to be peacefully accepted that human rights are no longer the exclusive domain of public international law scholars. The growing interest that human rights have aroused to scholars of other disciplines since the late 1980s has surely enriched our knowledge in many ways and has also posed new challenges. Among these, one of the most important is surely the methodological question. If what we can and want to know about human rights is no longer limited to the knowledge and understanding of the international norms that establish them, to the analysis of the texts in which they are collected and to the functioning of the international organisms in charge of monitoring their compliance by the States, we will logically need means to answer different questions.
    This session aims to open and disseminate the idea of
    ​​a textbook on research methodologies in human rights (in preparation) that addresses the methodological question from three main premises. The first - and most important - is that human rights are complex objects of study that, unlike other, do not lend themselves satisfactorily to mono- disciplinary approaches. If we want to use different methods or use results produced with methods different from our own, it is necessary to reflect on interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity in our research. This is a very under-considered aspect (with some recent exceptions, Andreasen et al., 2017, Coomans et al., 2015), which is usually resolved on the basis of juxtapositions. The second and third premises delve into the need to investigate the methodological implications of two issues that, in our opinion, mark the current condition of human rights research. On the one hand, we highlight the role of critical theories and approaches in the study of human rights as that optic that would allow us to understand rights, according to the Bobbian adage, as a result of "new struggles against old powers". On the other hand, we need to account for the confluence in human rights research of academia and activists, the thin line that separates them at times, the differences between their approaches and methods to "know" human rights and the possibilities and potential of their collaboration.
    To these three premises, which are the red threads of the book in preparation and of the panel, we will dedicate the papers. We entrust communications with the task of showing the widest possible panorama of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, methods and techniques that we use today in the production of knowledge about human rights.

    • 19 Jul 2018
    • 20 Jul 2018
    • IISL

    Coordinators: Michał Paździora (University of Wroclaw), Michał Stambulski (University of Wroclaw).

    Read more: http://www.iisj.net/en/workshops/social-ontology-law-legal-education

    • 25 Jul 2018
    • 27 Jul 2018
    • Quito, Ecuador

    Power Reconfigurations: Regional and Global Responses in an Age of Uncertainty

    Reconfiguraciones de Poder: Respuestas Regionales y Globales
    en Tiempos de Incertidumbre

    25-27 July, 2018, Quito, Ecuador
    Cintia Quiliconi and Kristy A. Belton, Program Chairs

    Submission Deadline: 15 December, 2017
    Fecha límite para propuestas: 15 de diciembre de 2017

    Further information: https://www.isanet.org/Conferences/FLACSO-Quito-2018

    • 26 Jul 2018
    • 27 Jul 2018
    • IISL

    Coordinators: Germano Schwartz (Unilasalle/FMU), Aldo Mascareño (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez).

    Read more: http://www.iisj.net/en/workshops/niklas-luhmann-20-years-after-constructing-law-world-society

    • 5 Sep 2018
    • 6 Sep 2018
    • Palacio Miramar (Donostia-San Sebastián)

    Curso de formación en francés, castellano y euskera para conocer más en profundidad todo lo que se refiere a la cooperación regional transfronteriza en Euskal Herria y más allá.

    Habrá servicio de autobús y traducción simultánea.

    Más información: https://www.uik.eus/es/cooperacion-regional-transfronteriza-analisis-y-experiencias-cooperation-regionale-transfrontaliere

    Cours de formation en français, espagnol et euskera pour decouvrir plus en detail tout ce qui concerne la cooperation régionale transfrontaliére en Euskal Herria et au-delá.

    Service de transport et traduction simultanee.

    Plus d'informations: https://www.uik.eus/es/cooperacion-regional-transfronteriza-analisis-y-experiencias-cooperation-regionale-transfrontaliere

    • 13 Sep 2018
    • 15 Sep 2018
    • University of Basel

    Basel 2018: Abolishing the law?

    The fourth congress of german-language sociology of law associations, 13–15 September 2018, University of Basel

    The fourth conference of German-language research on law and society addresses diverse trends whose implications are tantamount to abolishing the legal order and/or rights.

    Populist authoritarian movements and regimes exert pressure on the institutions of the democratic rule of law. In the evolving “illiberal democracies,” rights are being restricted and constitutional review is being called into question so as to help the will of the people assert itself. Physical and legal barriers aim at preventing people who are fleeing armed conflicts and other dangers from having access to rights. The logic of the state of exception and, with it, the expansion of the state of emergency and special rights, allow deviations from and interruptions of fundamental norms and principles, which grant the executive further powers. The informational and biotechnological transformation of societyradically challenge the possibility of law. On the one hand, according to a widespread diagnosis of contemporary society, human decisions and the processes for forming opinions are increasingly guided by digital algorithms that defy legal control (big data). On the other hand, the law is threatened by the loss of the subject that accompanies the new possibilities of manipulating the human genome (transhumanism). In the context of the vision of a digital and post-human society, is rights-oriented law anachronistic? The marginalization of state-based law is accompanied, moreover, by an expansion of private regulation. State control often limits itself to procedural rather than substantive matters, for example, when laws prescribe how societal actors should enter into commitments. In international treaties, arbitration tribunals that lack democratic legitimacy are proliferating as binding dispute-resolution fora“, whose decisions can no longer be scrutinized by national courts ('soft law, hard effects'. In family law, construction law, and criminal law, mediation is increasingly replacing traditional trials for settling conflicts. And how should endeavours to reconceptualise entire fields of law in this context – such as demands to repeal inheritance law or reform family law – be analysed and evaluated? The empirical phenomena of crisis in law correspond to a new interest in radical theories of legal critique. The spectrum of theories stretches from neo-materialist criticism of law to updates of Carl Schmitt’s critique of liberalism and to critical systems-theoretical demands to reorient law from individual rights towards protecting collective structures of systems differentiation.

    How can these developing trends be appropriately described sociologically? And how are they to be evaluated? Are we observing the abolition of the law, a regressive trend in the differentiation of law, morality, and politics, or merely a transformation in the form and content of the law? How do the theoretical visions of an emancipatory liberation from the form of the law relate to the empirically observable trends towards marginalising the legal management of conflicts?

    Scholars and researchers from all disciplines are invited to present and discuss the empirical results and theoretical perspectives of their research in the context of this general theme. The conference is divided into multiple thematic tracks. In principle, any topic with an interdisciplinary relation to law can be submitted to either a thematically suitable track, or to the track ‘General Papers’. Other things being equal, papers whose content relates to the conference theme have a better chance of being accepted. We invite the immediate submission of proposals for papers or entire panels/sessions (with up to four papers). We particularly welcome panels with an international or comparative focus and/or composition. In addition, we are open to alternative formats in all tracks, such as book presentations, ‘author meets critics’, roundtables, ‘fishbowls’ with short statements by researchers on a theme from the perspective of their work, interviews or short discussions with guests (either moderated or as a ‘hot seat’), film screenings, or artistic interventions.

    Proposals (abstracts should not exceed 1500 characters) can only be submitted online through our conference-administration system. The deadline for proposals is 28 February 2018.

    You can find more information about the conference on the website www.recht-und-gesellschaft.info/basel2018, on Facebook at facebook.com/rechtssoziologiebasel2018 and on Twitter via the hashtag #rsozbasel2018. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time at: rechtssoziologie-basel2018-ius@unibas.ch

Past events

12 Jul 2018 Workshop: New constitutionalism? New forms of democracy and rule of law beyond liberalism
5 Jul 2018 Workshop: Gender and Judging in the Middle East and Africa: Emerging Scholarship and Debates
28 Jun 2018 Workshop: Adolescentes mujeres y sistemas penales: debate de experiencias entre América Latina y Europa
21 Jun 2018 Workshop: Disability and (Virtual) Institutions?: Interventions, Integration and Inclusion
14 Jun 2018 European Forum for Restorative Justice. 10th International Conference. Call for Papers Deadline 1 November 2017
14 Jun 2018 Workshop: The fourth wave of feminism: from sisterhood and social networking towards a new citizenship?
7 Jun 2018 Workshop: Desigualdades complejas y formas de discriminación en sociedades plurales: un enfoque interseccional
6 Jun 2018 Call for Papers - IV Congreso Internacional Cátedra Internacional Conjunta Inocencio III
6 Jun 2018 II Congreso de la colección Filosofía y Derecho: Congreso Mundial sobre Razonamiento Probatorio
4 Jun 2018 Call for papers: Panel de Sociología jurídica (Panel 15) en el XI CONGRESO DE SOCIOLOGÍA Y CIENCIA POLÍTICA: “Una ciencia social atenta para un tiempo de ciudadanía activa”, Asociación Vasca de Sociología y Ciencia Política
31 May 2018 Workshop: Sharing and Regulating Emotions in Legal Spaces: Mediation, Restoration, and Reconciliation
30 May 2018 International Conference Ninth Multidisciplinary Meeting on Indigenous Peoples (EMPI IX)
24 May 2018 Workshop: Historical and Comparative Macrosociology of Middle Eastern Legal Systems
17 May 2018 Workshop: Governing the Political: Law and the Politics of Resistance
10 May 2018 Workshop: Practices of Memorialization & the Process of Social Reconstruction after large-scale Human Rights Abuses and Violations
3 May 2018 Workshop: Judging, Emotion and Emotion Work
30 Apr 2018 Call for Papers: Ninth Multidisciplinary Conference on Indigenous Peoples. Deadline: April 30th
26 Apr 2018 Workshop: Regulating Lawyers through Disciplinary Systems
19 Apr 2018 Workshop: Family Lawyers and Family Justice: from ADR to ODR
16 Apr 2018 Socio-legal studies/sociologie du droit: methods, traditions, theories in France and the UK
12 Apr 2018 Workshop: The Rule of Law, Populism and Militant Democracy in Europe
9 Apr 2018 CfP EASA Stockholm: LawNet Panel "Transnational Corporations, Industrial Disasters and Environmental Hazards. Allocating Moral and Legal Responsibilities Across Different National Contexts"
27 Mar 2018 Law and emotion, SLSA conference
23 Mar 2018 Presentation: Community Shepherding in Poland: Network dynamics and Temporal Territorialization (Marcin Wrobél)
22 Mar 2018 Presentation: Toward a (Re)conceptualization of Legal Culture (Mateja Čehulić)
19 Mar 2018 Talk about "Prosecuting 'bad mothers' in Argentina: from victims to perpetrators"
19 Mar 2018 Master Course: Socio-Legal Perspectives on Litigation
15 Mar 2018 "Differences and Equality. The Animal Question", by Prof. Valerio Pocar
9 Mar 2018 Metodología cualitativa de la sociología del derecho
5 Mar 2018 Master Course: Social Theory of Law
23 Feb 2018 Annual Comparative Law Work-in-Progress Workshop. Deadline: January 8th/2018
21 Feb 2018 From better regulation to smart regulation. Regulatory impact assessement and its introduction in Spain
19 Feb 2018 Master Course: Criminal Justice: Global Perspectives
18 Feb 2018 2018 – Call for Papers Journal of the Oxford Centre for Socio-legal Studies
5 Feb 2018 Master Course: Migration
1 Feb 2018 Open talk: "Law based on reciprocity: How can we recognize legal otherness in terms of modernity?"
22 Jan 2018 Master Course: Gender
11 Jan 2018 Access and Exclusion in Global Governance (Barcelona, 11 & 12 January 2018): Call for Papers
8 Jan 2018 Master Course: Sociology of Law and the Economy
31 Dec 2017 Convocatoria: Revista Criterio Libre Jurídico- Fecha límite: diciembre 2017
15 Dec 2017 RCSL Meeting in Lisbon (Deadline Dec 15th)
11 Dec 2017 Master Course: A Sociology of Constitutionalism
6 Dec 2017 Congreso Nacional de Investigación sobre Derechos Humanos 2017. Fecha límite aplicación: 15 de agosto.
3 Dec 2017 Transnational Law Summer Institute: Call for Applications, deadline: August 15.
27 Nov 2017 Master Course: The Rule of Law: Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics & Reality
13 Nov 2017 Master Course: Anthropology of Law & Legal Pluralism
10 Nov 2017 Max Planck Trialogue Workshop on the Law of Peace and War; Vol. III: Reparations for Victims of Armed Conflict
9 Nov 2017 MPIL Momentum "The Politicization of Europe: Transnational Solidarity Conflicts and the Changing Structure of Economic Governance in the EU"
2 Nov 2017 Workshop Quantitative & Qualitative Methodology by Professor Angela Melville
24 Oct 2017 Ier Encuentro Nuestroamericano de Crítica Jurídica "Pensamiento y Praxis"
23 Oct 2017 Master Course: Social Research Theory and Practice
19 Oct 2017 Race and law: French and German cross-perspectives in Berlin.
18 Oct 2017 Perspectivas cruzadas sobre los mundos indígenas: Mujeres indígenas, memoria histórica y construcción de paz en Colombia
9 Oct 2017 Master Course: Sociological analysis of international law
1 Oct 2017 Call for Applications: 2018 Laureate Visiting Fellowships in Comparative Constitutional Law. Deadline: 1 October 2017
30 Sep 2017 Call for abstracts to a session in the XIX World Congress of Sociology of ISA “Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities”.
25 Sep 2017 Master Course: Comparative Legal Culture
18 Sep 2017 Master Course: Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation
17 Sep 2017 ISA XV International Laboratory for PhD Students in Sociology. Deadline: June 15, 2017
3 Sep 2017 Summer School: Racism, Eurocentrism and Political Struggles (Early registration: until 30th April 2017)
15 Aug 2017 Seminario Internacional "Derechos sociales: discusiones para una nueva agenda de investigación"
9 Aug 2017 Legal Pluralism and Challenges for Family Law Governance in Muslim Majority
6 Aug 2017 Osnabrück Summer Institute on the Cultural Study of the Law. Deadline: 30 April 2017
27 Jul 2017 Regulating Climate Change: Governance and Legal Mobilization
20 Jul 2017 The Policy of Cultural Rights: Socio-legal Perspectives on Cultural Diversity
17 Jul 2017 Curso de Verano: La crisis de las profesiones jurídicas en un mundo en transformación: dinámicas locales y transnacionales. Fecha límite: 10 de julio
16 Jul 2017 XXVIII World Congress of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) Deadline: May 15
13 Jul 2017 La desaparición forzada de personas: circulación transnacional y usos sociales de una categoría del derecho humanitario
6 Jul 2017 Adults & Children in Postmodern Societies - International and Comparative family law Conference
6 Jul 2017 Procesos constituyentes en nuestra América. Diálogos, análisis y perspectivas desde la teoría jurídica crítica
29 Jun 2017 Specifying and Securing a Social Minimum
26 Jun 2017 PhD Summer School on International Law: Courts and Contexts
22 Jun 2017 Models of collective bargaining and Labour Law
20 Jun 2017 Oñati Community meeting during RCSL/LSA conference in México City
15 Jun 2017 Meeting of the International Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Cybercrime
14 Jun 2017 Conferencia. Frans Viljoen: “Los pueblos indígenas de África: atrapados entre la legitimidad de la normativa y su cumplimiento”
13 Jun 2017 Jornada de Reflexión sobre el Futuro de Europa: Análisis de los Cinco Escenarios del Libro Blanco De Juncker
13 Jun 2017 “Se non è vero…” post-truth, alternative facts and informative spam
8 Jun 2017 The Ombudsman and Administrative Justice: From Promise to Performance
2 Jun 2017 Researching juvenile justice pra ctices: discussing the pains of doing criminological research
1 Jun 2017 Penal welfarism - myths and realities?
1 Jun 2017 DILEMAS DEL PLURALISMO JURÍDICO. Octavo Encuentro Multidisciplinar sobre Pueblos Indígenas (EMPI)
25 May 2017 La transformación de las enseñanzas jurídicas y criminológicas desde las Clínicas por la Justicia Social
18 May 2017 El modelo europeo de justicia restaurativa con menores: un reto para Euskadi // The European Model for Restorative Justice with Children and Young People: a challenge for the Basque Country
11 May 2017 Feminist Judgments: Comparative Socio-Legal Perspectives on Judicial Decision Making and Gender Justice
4 May 2017 When the Exception becomes the rule: European Union Societies on the move
27 Apr 2017 La institucionalización de la mediación: potencialidades y riesgos
20 Apr 2017 Foro Mundial sobre las Violencias Urbanas y Educación para la Convivencia y la Paz
6 Apr 2017 ¿Derechos Sociales o Capitalismo?
6 Apr 2017 Comparative Perspectives on the Law and Practice of Limiting Offenders in Fundamental Rights Beyond Their Sentence
12 Mar 2017 Call for Papers - International Conference on Democracy and Participation in the 21st Century [deadline]
28 Feb 2017 IISL International Master's Programme in Sociology of Law
20 Feb 2017 SORTUZ: submission deadline
10 Feb 2017 IISL Accommodation grants OCT 2017- MAR 2018 deadline
28 Jan 2017 9 CEE Forum: DEMOCRACY, ACADEMIA AND THE POLITICAL [forum, Wrocław]: registration deadline
15 Jan 2017 Intellectual Property as Circulation and Control [workshop, Toronto]: registration deadline
10 Jan 2017 Mobilization of Law in Pluralistic Society [workshop, Berlin]: submission deadline
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