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Live Interviews with Oñati Community Members (Instagram)

10 May 2020 15:15 | Susana Arrese (Administrator)

We have started a series of interviews with Oñati Community members. The first one, to Ihintza Palacin, Master's student 2014-15, took place on May 6. 

The second one with Prof Johannes Feest, Scientific Director of the IISL, 1995-97, Master's Professor during several years. took place on May 14.

The third one will be with Camilo Umaña, former master's student and current master's professor on May 27, at 19:00.

What would you like to know about him? Hobbies, current research interests? We will ask him about it.  If you want to send him your own questions, send a message in advance to the email onaticommunity@gmail.com

Join us at @onati.community (Instagram)

New youtube channel with interviews:


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