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Live Interviews with Oñati Community Members (Instagram)

10 Jun 2020 15:15 | Susana Arrese (Administrator)

We have started a series of interviews with Oñati Community members. The first one, to Ihintza Palacin, Master's student 2014-15, took place on May 6. 

The second one with Prof Johannes Feest, Scientific Director of the IISL, 1995-97, Master's Professor during several years. took place on May 14.

The third one will be with Camilo Umaña, former master's student and current master's professor on May 27, at 19:00.

And the fourth one, with Annette Lansink,from South Africa. 10th June, Wednesday, at 19:00.

"Categories of exclusion and systemic injustice" an important theme for most societies (black, Roma, oriental, indigenous, immigrant, the poor, muslims, non-muslims, jews, non-jews, women). How is the situation in South Africa? 

What would you like to know about her? Hobbies, current research interests? We will ask her about it.  If you want to send her your own questions, send a message in advance to the email onaticommunity@gmail.com

Join us at @onati.community (Instagram)

New youtube channel with interviews:


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